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Is 2D/3D/4D Ultrasound safe?

Studies done on the effect of ultrasound have shown that this modality does not currently present any risk to the mother or the unborn baby. These studies have been undertaken for over 30 years. We recommend that should you have any concerns that you consult with your obstetrician, GP or other health professional such as a sonologists or midwife to address any concerns you may have before booking with us. 

Does this replace my 12 week or 18-20 Anatomy week scan?

No, these scans are non diagnostic and on a voluntary basis. Please follow your doctors instructions and ensure that all diagnostic ultrasound scans are performed at a dedicated and accredited diagnostic ultrasound facility. 

Is this scan covered by Medicare or private insurance?

As this is a non diagnostic & voluntary service it is not covered by Medicare or other private health insurance

How do I pay?

We accept cash on the day. No card facility is available at this stage. 

What happens if you see an abnormality?

As we are a non diagnostic service we do not search for fetal abnormalities, nor do we do any detailed studies into the fetal anatomy. Staff at the studio are not trained or accredited to offer medical advice. 

Do I need a referral? 

No you do not need a referral as this is a non diagnostic and non medical scan.

What is your cancellation policy?

As a courtesy, 24 hours notice of cancellation would be appreciated.

What is my preparation & paperwork?

Unlike your diagnostic scan, we do not want you to have a full bladder. However, we would like you to be hydrated 3-4 days prior to the scan. There is a Consent form that you need to complete on the day of your scan. 

When is the best timing for the scan?

We have found that 25-35 weeks is the optimal time fore doing these scans on the baby. We encourage that twin pregnancies should come in at 25 weeks. The ideal time for nice face views is at 27 weeks.  

Will my baby look like those advertised?

There are many factors which influence the picture but the most important is for the mum to be well hydrated. Other factors include baby's position (breech or face down) placental position, the umbilical cord or hands & feet may also block the face. Premiere Ultrasound will ensure to do the best they can to produce clear images.